Heidi Dalstrand

The last time I update my resume was in the year 2000 which was just prior to when I accepted a new job and relocated to a new area.  I was out of the work force for nearly 7 years.  This is not what prospective employers wanted to see on an application.  I modified my resume and tried to explain the lengthy gap in my work history, but no matter what I did, I hadn't received a single reply to any of the numerous applications I sent out.  It was incredibly frustrating!   

Finally I reached out to Sarah.   She contacted me to confirm the answers to a couple questions and then went on to modify my existing resume into something I was proud to send prospective employers!  The whole process was done electronically which made it incredibly convenient.  I could have met with her in person but for me, doing everything via email was more convenient.  She completed the revisions in the time frame that she promised but it didn't end there, she remained in contact with me.  Based on my job experience the field I was looking to work in, Sarah also offered me a variety of other suggestions to jump start my job search.  She truly made me feel that I was more than just an invoice number to her.  She wanted my newly updated resume to be a tool for me to succeed in finding the right job and I knew that she was there if I had any questions or problems. A few months later I'm landed a job and I'm so happy to be back in the workforce!

Sarah Williams