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You're one in a million so you must stand out from the crowd. 

Do employers actively search for job seekers on linked in?

84% of organizations use linked in to find talent. Therefore, having your profile SEO optimized is vital so you can be found by them.

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LinkedIn Service Includes:

Full profile revision with search engine optimization (SEO) to help employers/recruiters find you online

  • Tailored to attract the desired target audience 

  • Created with hiring manager/recruiter perspective

  • Highlights your defined personal brand

  • Suggestions for banner pictures

  • Includes two revisions


 Jack Holt, CBCP

Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management Executive 

I am so grateful to have worked with Sarah to create a new resume and to update my LinkedIn profile! Her knowledge and experience helped me to showcase my accomplishments in a concise and meaningful way. It is so important that your work history easily translate from your resume into LinkedIn and other social media recruiting sites. Sarah made that easy. As a client, I also appreciate her professional and courteous ways of working.


Lori Lincoln

3M,Client Relationship Executive

I hired Sarah to help me build my Linked In profile. She did a fantastic job of honing my skills into a rewrite that better explains my work history and my current role. She did what I clearly did not have the skill or time to do. I highly recommend Sarah if you are looking to enhance your Linked In profile.


Brandon Allen

Executive Team Lead-Target

In my pursuit of new employment I realized that I needed professional assistance to polish both my resume and LinkedIn profile page. I decided to reach out to Sarah for assistance.  I explained to her what I needed, she listened attentively and was even able to make some suggestions that I hadn't thought of.  Sarah was very easy to work with.  She made it very clear as to what she needed from me, set some hard deadlines and she met everyone. Sarah produced a very well written resume and LinkedIn profile. After my resume and LinkedIn profile were completed and I began applying for jobs and  I quickly noticed an increase in interest me as a candidate. I landed a new role within three months of making this investment.  If you are in need of this type of assistance I highly recommend Sarah as she is truly very professional and easy to work with.


Did You Know?

• Our expertise in SEO, targeting your industry and clearly defining your brand will certainly help you shine online! Not only are employers searching for talent just like you every day on LinkedIn, it’s also a place to connect with peers, build your network, become an authority/subject matter expert all while building your brand and reputation.

• LinkedIn is such a powerful tool when used correctly but when it’s not you risk the chance of embarrassment. As we all know first impressions are lasting so why not position your profile for success? The first step to accomplish this is making sure you have a profile you’re proud of and not afraid to show. 

• Knowledge is Power. Building your profile can take a long time and be a frustrating process when don’t know what key words to use, how to position your brand, how to show your key contributions or articulate your work history. If you don’t know the latest trade secrets on what your profile should entail why run the chance of guessing?  Your online reputation is at stake. Let us help by taking the confusion out of the process, and have employers chase you for opportunities instead of you chasing them.

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