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Interview Prep


You Should Be Waiting On Your Interview Calls With Confidence And If Not It’s Time To Practice, Practice, Practice! 

In Interview Prep Coaching you will:

Gain knowledge on behavioral interviewing and practice how to respond

  • Receive feedback on nonverbal questions, body language, posture, tone and eye contact

  • Learn how to use a successfully proven methodology for answering interview questions

  • Gain guidance on how to overcome nerves before and on your interview day

  • A proven format on how to streamline your responses and cut down on being too wordy

  • Advice on how to prep, what to expect on interview day, what to expect during and after, and how to successfully close/follow up

  • How to answer the most challenging questions related to career changing, gaps in employment, leaving your last job etc.

  • Advice on how to tailor your responses to the hiring managers needs and how to keep the hiring managers attention

  • Address your unique contributions/job fit/selling points/etc.

  • A proven format for answering example questions clearly and concisely without losing the interviewer

  • A list of the best questions to ask at the end of your interview

  • Structure on how to close the interview effectively and when to follow up

  • Details on how to address your thank you note post interview while standing out from other candidates


Our 1 Hour Refresher Interview Coaching For Someone Who Just Needs To Be Reminded Of The Above Strategies 

Our 2 Hour Rescue Me Course Is For Someone Who Wants All Of The Above In Addition To A Mock Interview Session.


Hear From The People


After going on a few interviews, I could tell I wasn't connecting and communicating as the leader I know I am. I contacted Sarah, and I'm so glad that I did. After a few sessions with her, I got offers from every interview I went on and was even offered a higher level based on my interview performance! Feedback was best interview performance they had ever seen! Sarah is exceptional, and I know I wouldn't be where I am without her. Thank you!

- Sasha Morris, Director, Product Development at spencer Health Solutions, LLC


With Sarah’s Interview help I landed 6 interviews in as little as a month. Before seeking out Sarah’s help I had no call backs. I accepted an offer at a company I love and I know my career wouldn’t be where it is today with her guidance!

- Heidi Dahlstrand, Business Manager

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